Scrap Journey

As with most quilters, I’ve wanted to tame my scraps for many years.  There have been times that I’ve thrown away smaller pieces, saved them, and given them away.  Only to come back to saving them again!  Unless a piece of fabric can be cut into a usable square or strip, then into the trash it goes!  

Over the last year or so, I have organized some rolling bins and stacking drawers to place my cut strips, and squares into and have specifically cut them to become “leader’s and ender’s”.  I learned about the “Scrap Users” system from Quiltville and I LOVE this method. She makes such pretty quilts from all those little pieces and it’s inspiring.  I certainly would like to put my own twist on how to use up those scraps.  There are probably as many ways to organize your scraps as there are quilters in this world, but I am ready to share with the world how this will progress for me.

One top that I finished recently was from several orphan blocks my daughter gave me.  Several years ago, she had put together a demo for her local guild.  She pulled a free pattern from “Moda Bakeshop” called “Simply Woven

The two blocks she made during the demo hung around her quilt room for a while and she finally gave them to me.  She knew I would pull more fabrics and make enough blocks for a top.  This pattern is Jelly Roll friendly and during a clean-up episode in my quilt room, I came across the two blocks and made the remaining blocks.  I love fall colors and was able to grab quite a few 2.5” strips from my bins and then cut more from stash to make this top.  The backgrounds were also pulled from my scrap bins.  Some of the background came from the cut-offs from quilt backings after they have come off of the longarm.   

Quilted using “Meadowlyon Flowerburst” edge-to-edge pattern using Signature thread – mustard.

Now to find something in my scraps to bind it with!

Scrappy regards, Susan.

1 thought on “Scrap Journey”

  1. I’m going back to saving my scraps! Not that I every truly stopped … I just made lame attempts, haha!


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