Orphan Blocks

Frequently, quilters will start a project, or test a pattern and for whatever reason, will end up with blocks that won’t go into a finished top.

The guild I belong to will take these blocks and put them together into a usable quilt.  One such donation was 11 bowtie blocks.  What on Earth do you do with 11 blocks!  I set them such that they made a bit of a long, skinny quilt.  However, I bordered it so that it came out to be 40″ x 60″, perfect for a passage quilt.  I hope to finish the quilting prior to going on a retreat this weekend so I can bind it.

I also have a stack of 30s reproduction print blocks, we’ll see how we can set them.  There might be enough for several small quilts!

This top really is stunning!  A variety of orphan blocks came together to make this twin size quilt.

There are many ways to use those orphan blocks, get together with your quilty friends, I’m sure they have blocks they can’t use as well and would be happy to have them put to good use!

Scrappy regards, Susan

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