Below are some tips and tricks for preparing your quilt for machine quilting:

  • Please press your quilt top and backing.  If your back is pieced, trim off selvages and press seams open

  • If your quilt top has a pieced border or many seams on the outer edge, such as piano keys, please run a basting stitch within 1/4″ of the outside edge

  • The back and batt needs to be a total of 8″ larger than quilt top.  This allows the back and batt to be loaded onto the quilting machine with enough excess to manipulate on the machine rollers

  • Make sure your backing has been squared off

  • Please contact me if you have an oversized or king size quilt as there are limits to how large of a quilt can be loaded on the machine.  Also, if you have questions about how big to make the back or what size batt is required