T-Shirt Quilt Construction

T-Shirt Quilt Pricing and Information

What is a t-shirt quilt? – T-Shirt quilts are a wonderful way to preserve and utilize a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, ballcaps, photos, emblems or patches.  Celebrate your favorite memories from athletic events, concerts, school or college, and many more.

What does the customer need to provide? – You simply provide your t-shirts (un-cut, freshly laundered in mild detergent & no fabric softener or dryer sheets) and I will design a custom quilt top.  The top will be cut and sewn using your t-shirts, then layered with batting and backing.  The three layers will then be quilted, bound, and a label applied.  The pricing listed covers all materials other than your tee-shirts.

Extras – Frequently, customers will want other items in a t-shirt quilt such as logos from a ballcap, patches, emblems, or photographs.  I may also be able to find a themed fabric for the backing to enhance the quilt. A special label can be made to accommodate photos as well. If you want to display your quilt, a hanging sleeve can also be applied.


All quilts are custom designed based on the type, number, size, and logos on the t-shirts provided.  Each quilt will be unique, and pricing is based upon typical t-shirts and past experience in designing quilts.

Once I have seen the t-shirts and other items, I will be able to determine a final size and cost which will be conveyed to the customer.  Customer will approve final cost before any work is started.

Quilt Size             Measurements        # of t-shirts                Approximate Cost

Throw                   52” x 72”                             20 – 30                         $450

Twin                      60” x 84”                             30 – 40                         $550

Full                        84” x 92”                             40 – 50                          $750

Queen                   92” x 100”                           50 – 60                          $850


Photos  $10 each

Ballcaps $10 each

Emblems or Patches $10 each

Hanging Sleeve   $25

Enhanced Label   $10

Themed Backing Fabric – Actual cost of fabric and any shipping

Pricing is based on the number of square inches that a finished quilt measures.  The cost for your quilt could vary depending upon the size you would like.  All quilts are based on a 4” grid and finished sizes will be divisible by 4.  Minimum charge is $400.

Lead time

The amount of time it takes to complete your quilt will vary.  4 – 6 weeks is a standard lead-time, but prior to the holidays, it could take longer. You will be given a lead time once you have approved the size and pricing of your t-shirt quilt.